French Cafe Skit Rubric Assignment

  • Have a rough draft of your menu and its descriptions ready to be proof read. Study for 2nd quiz.

Day 7:

Lesson Title or Topic:

    Troisieme Etape Introduction

Standards Addressed:

    All national standards are addressed in this lesson

Outcomes or Objectives:

    In this lesson students will be introduced to the indirect object pronouns lui and leur, and the final section vocabulary. Students will also practice their listening skills and peer-editing skills.


Lesson Building Blocks:

  • Language Emphasis: OI pronoun use, vocabulary, structure.
  • Subject Content Emphasis: Language Arts
  • Culture Emphasis: Gift practices in France, perspectives on conversation, holiday practices


Lesson Outline:

  • Warm-up:
    • (10) Q&A Review for quiz
    • (15) Deuxieme etape quiz
  • Introduction:
    • (15) As a class, have students read and discuss the Rencontre Culturelle on page 66.
    • Have them compare these practices to other cultures’ practices that they may know.
  • Lesson Activities or Procedures:
    • (10) Have students fill out the troisiéme étape vocabulary and practice pronunciation and meaning as a class.
    • (10) Listen to Ecoute exercise #28 on page 68.
    • (20)Introduce the indirect object pronouns lui and leur. Describe when and how they are used then follow with several examples. Ask questions containing indirect objects then have students respond using the indirect object pronouns.
    • (10) Have students work in groups of two or three. Have them describe a friend and ask the question “Tu as une idée de cadeau pour.” Have students respond using the correct indirect object pronoun. Circulate the room and help students as needed.
  • Options for Recording Student Performance:
    • Student participation check list, take Ecoute exercise for grade.
  • Closure:
    • Allow students the rest of the class to peer edit each other’s menus.
  • Follow-Up/Homework:
      Have students finish fixing their menus and come prepared to complete their artistic menu for the final product in the next class.
  • Extra Practice:

    Using Objet Indirect

    Ton ami(e) ne sait pas quells cadeaux offrir à ces gens. Donne-lui des idée.

    Claude et Sylvie sont toujours à la dernière mode.

    Catherine fait toujours des photos.

    Pierre et Vincent aiment bien manger.

    Jean Luc joue au foot tous les jours.

    Il y a toujours des fleurs sur la table chez ta maman.

    Ta cousine va étudier l’allemand à l’uiverité

    Ton papa adore les livres historique.

    Ses parents vont au ciné souvent.

Day 8:

Lesson Title or Topic:

Standards Addressed:

    1.1, 1.2, 1.3, 2.1, 2.2, 3.2, 4.2, 5.1, 5.2

Outcomes or Objectives:

    Students in the lesson will review the uses of the indirect object pronoun, and work on their listening and dictation skills. Students will finish the “Create a Menu” assignment.


Lesson Building Blocks:

  • Language Emphasis: OI pronoun, good wishes expressions.
  • Subject Content Emphasis: Language Arts, Art
  • Culture Emphasis: Foods, etiquette, holidays, and gifts


  • Craft supplies
  • Allez Viens audio CDs
  • Dictation

Lesson Outline:

  • Warm-up:
    • (15) Have students listen to Carla Bruni’s song “Le Toi du Moi” discuss the analogies.
    • (10) Have students describe how and why the indirect object pronoun is used. Then discuss as a class.
    • (10) Have students listen to Ecoute exercise 30 and page 70 and turn in their answers.
  • Lesson Activities or Procedures:
    • (15) Dictation- Read to students a conversation about two people who are debating what type of gifts to give to their friends. This dictation utilizes the OI pronoun.
    • (10) Practice the pronunciation and usage of the vocabulary from “extending good wishes” on page 71. Then as a class work through exercise 33, ask students what other holidays/situations might someone use these expressions.
    • (x) For the remainder of class allow students to create their finished menus. Stress the importance of quality and creativity.
  • Options for Recording Student Performance:
    • Dictation, participation.
  • Closure:
    • Have students clean up all their supplies the last five minutes of class
  • Follow-Up/Homework:
    • Students are to finish their menus at home if they were not finished in class. Menus will be due the next class period. Review for 3rd quiz.

Carla Bruni – Le Toi Du Moi lyrics

Artist: Carla Bruni

Album: Quelqu’un M’a Dit

Year: 2002

Je suis ton pile

Tu es mon face

Toi mon nombril

Et moi ta glace

Tu es l’envie et moi le geste

Toi le citron et moi le zeste

Je suis le thé, tu es la tasse

Toi la guitare et moi la basse

Je suis la pluie et tu es mes gouttes

Tu es le oui et moi le doute

T’es le bouquet je suis les fleurs

Tu es l’aorte et moi le coeur

Toi t’es l’instant moi le bonheur

Tu es le verre je suis le vin

Toi tu es l’herbe et moi le joint

Tu es le vent j’suis la rafale

Toi la raquette et moi la balle

T’es le jouet et moi l’enfant

T’es le vieillard et moi le temps

Je suis l’iris tu es la pupille

Je suis l’épice toi la papille

Toi l’eau qui vient et moi la bouche

Toi l’aube et moi le ciel qui s’couche

T’es le vicaire et moi l’ivresse

T’es le mensonge moi la paresse

T’es le guépard moi la vitesse

Tu es la main moi la caresse

Je suis l’enfer de ta pécheresse

Tu es le Ciel moi la Terre, hum

Je suis l’oreille de ta musique

Je suis le soleil de tes tropiques

Je suis le tabac de ta pipe

T’es le plaisir je suis la foudre

Tu es la gamme et moi la note

Tu es la flamme moi l’allumette

T’es la chaleur j’suis la paresse

T’es la torpeur et moi la sieste

T’es la fraîcheur et moi l’averse

Tu es les fesses je suis la chaise

Tu es bémol et moi j’suis dièse

T’es le Laurel de mon Hardy

T’es le plaisir de mon soupir

T’es la moustache de mon Trotski

T’es tous les éclats de mon rire

Tu es le chant de ma sirène

Tu es le sang et moi la veine

T’es le jamais de mon toujours

T’es mon amour t’es mon amour

Je suis ton pile

Toi mon face

Toi mon nombril

Et moi ta glace

Tu es l’envie et moi le geste

T’es le citron et moi le zeste

Je suis le thé, tu es la tasse

Toi la putain et moi la passe

Tu es la tombée moi l’épitaphe

Et toi le texte, moi le paragraphe

Tu es le lapsus et moi la gaffe

Toi l’élégance et moi la grâce

Tu es l’effet et moi la cause

Toi le divan moi la névrose

Toi l’épine moi la rose

Tu es la tristesse moi le poète

Tu es la Belle et moi la Bête

Tu es le corps et moi la tête

Tu es le corps. Hummm !

T’es le sérieux moi l’insouciance

Toi le flic moi la balance

Toi le gibier moi la potence

Toi l’ennui et moi la transe

Toi le très peu moi le beaucoup

Moi le sage et toi le fou

Tu es l’éclair et moi la poudre

Toi la paille et moi la poutre

Tu es le surmoi de mon ça

C’est toi qu’arrives des mois si ?

Tu es la mère et moi le doute

Tu es le néant et moi le tout

Tu es le chant de ma sirène

Toi tu es le sang et moi la veine

T’es le jamais de mon toujours

T’es mon amour t’es mon amour

Un Répas à la Français


Dicté #1

        This dictation is a conversation between a market clerk and the client.

Product Description

Your students will have a blast creating a skit that takes place in their own imaginary Parisian café! Students will create a name and menu for their own French café restaurant. They will then work in groups to create a skit that takes place in that cafe. This project gives them a great opportunity to put their food and restaurant vocabulary into practice in a fun and entertaining way. They can order and serve food and drinks, comment on the food, ask for the bill, leave a tip, and more. They will love it even more if you let them bring and eat real food from their restaurant menu!

In order to keep each student involved and paying attention during the skit presentations, use the included peer evaluation form. You will also find a teacher's version of the evaluation form to aid you in quickly grading individual student performance during the skit presentations.

Included in this set:
- project instruction sheet (Word & PDF formats)
- PowerPoint file to present project instructions to class
- project rubric (Word & PDF formats)
- peer evaluation form (Word & PDF formats)
- teacher evaluation form (Word & PDF formats)

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