Great Depression Essay Rubric


ae 1

Name of Project:

The Great Depression – Documenting Past and Present


4 ee!s


Great Depression"Wor#d $istor%


Ronnie &artin' Gen $ines

Grade Level:


ther Subject !reas to "e #ncluded:

Photograph%' We+ ,-*' Research .!i##s

Project #dea

.ummar% o/ the issue' cha##enge' in0estigation' scenario' or pro+#emPhotographers documented the Great Depression- 2our group has the 3o+ o/ documenting the present in an on#ine scrap+oo! to choices o/ scrap+oo! creation sites5 that compares and contrasts %our photos ith those o/ the Great Depression-2ou must inc#ude the /o##oing /i0e categories' +ut %ou ma% inc#ude other categories not #isted here-67eadership 6Dust 8o#"9gricu#ture 6Po0ert% 69rchitecture 69ssem+#% 7ine"&ass Production

Drivin$ %uestion

$o e can document in Photographs the present in contrast to the documented histor% e ha0e o/ the Great Depression:

Content Standards

to +e taught and assessed


Era ; Cu#ture"Economics"Indi0idua#s Groups < Interactions =nderstand the e//ect o/ the Great Depression upon 9merican societ%"=nderstand the economic c#imate in the =nited .tates during the Depression Era"=nderstand the changes in 9merican #i/e as a resu#t o/ the Great DepressionC7E >**1-,-? De#i0er e//ecti0e ora# presentations C7E >**1-,-@ Participate in group teams and group discussions C7E >**1-4-, Gather re#e0ant in/ormation /rom a 0ariet%

&'st Centur Sills

 to +e taught and assessed


Co##a+oration .tudents or! in groups o/ 4)A5BOther Techno#og% Ce## phone photograph%' on#ine scra+oo!inBCommunication Ora# Presentation5 .crap+oo! and +utcher paper BCritica# Thin!ing"Pro+#em .o#0ing .tudents must re#ate past and resent and ho to document them on#ineB

*ajor Products + Performances

GroupOn#ine .crap+oo! 8utcher Paper .ummar% o/ Ideas /or Ga##er% Wa#! 





Indi0idua#uic!)Writes /o##oing each teacher #ecture pro0iding need)to)!no content

ae ,

-ntr -vent

 to#aunch inuir%' engage stude


C#ass shoing o/ the mo0ie'

Cinderella Man

For more





The International Baccalaureate History of the Americas course is the first of a two-year program in history.  Your senior year you will be enrolled in 20th Century World Topics under Group 3, Individuals and Societies, a Higher Level curriculum.  The course covers U.S., Latin American and Canadian history from 1492 to present.  You will be doing extensive research and writing, along with independent reading.  You will be analyzing and evaluating common themes in the history of the Americas, as well as relating those themes universally.

Today’s Objective: We will analyzed the political, economic and social policies of the Great Depression

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Upcoming tests and quizzes: Great Depression Essay Exam Tuesday/Wednesday 2/20-21

Cold War Presentations due Monday 4/2; Cold War papers due Monday 4/16

Course Information:

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