4x Table Homework Chart

This page contains a range of multiplication facts worksheets to help your child memorize their multiplication facts.

What are Multiplication Facts?

Multiplication facts are the basic fundamentals upon which all of multiplication is built.

A knowledge of multiplication facts requires instant recall of the product (answer) of the multiplication of two factors (numbers) from 1 x 1 = 1 up to 10 x 10 = 100 (or, in some countries 12 x 12 = 144).

Memorizing multiplication facts is an important skill because the recall of math facts is essential to future success in higher level math.

As your child progresses through school the math problems they will need to solve will become increasingly complex and require more and more steps to solve.

The task of solving these problems becomes more difficult if your child needs to solve math facts as an extra step in their problem solving. If the math facts are memorized, recall is automatic and effortless and so saves your child time and effort when solving problems.

Using the Multiplication Facts Worksheets

To help your child memorize the times tables you will need to be prepared to spend plenty of time, create fun and interest and repeat exercises over and over.

Here are some suggestions on the things you can do:

  • Focus on one factor at a time – Stick to one factor and ‘play’ with it until your child becomes familiar with it and its products.
  • Work in sections – The easiest factors to memorize are the two, five and ten. Once memorized move onto the three and four times tables.
  • Use a variety of worksheets – Make sure you use a range of different resources to make learning multiplication facts as interesting as possible. Try some of our other multiplication facts worksheets for some different exercises.
  • Race against the clock – once your child can correctly recall their multiplication facts, start to work on their speed of recall. You can use a stop watch to time how long it takes to complete each worksheet. Record the times so that your child can try to beat their best time.
  • Remember – it doesn’t matter in what order the 2 numbers are that you are multiplying; the result will be the same. For example, 4 x 6 and 6 x 4 both equal 24. A lot of kids would know that 6 x 4 = 24, but if you asked them 4 x 6 they would scratch their heads.

Multiplication Facts Worksheets

2 Times Table

3 Times Table

4 Times Table

5 Times Table

6 Times Table

7 Times Table

8 Times Table

9 Times Table

10 Times Table

11 Times Table

12 Times Table

Multiplication Resources

Times Tables Chart – try the 1-5 Times Tables Chart as aid for teaching the times tables. Move on to the 1-10 Times Tables Chart once the first chart is mastered.

1 – 5 Times Tables Videos – to make the recital of times tables more fun try the 1-5 Times Tables Videos.

Multiplication Chart – use our Multiplication Chart 1-100 to cover the all the times tables up to ten.

Multiplication Flash Cards – Flash cards are a great tool for memorization. Use these printable multiplication flash cards to help your child with recalling their multiplication facts.

Multiplication Worksheets – use the Multiplication Worksheets to cover the all the times tables up to ten.

Times Tables Videos – to make the recital of times tables more fun try the 1-5 Times Tables Video recommendation or visit our YouTube channel for a range of videos from 2 to 12 times tables.

Speed Mathematics – read our book review on Speed Mathematics. A book that provides techniques for fast mental math.

Printable Tables and Multiplication Charts

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Memorizing the basic multiplication facts, or times tables as they are sometimes known, is very important for your children. Unless these facts can be recalled automatically, students will struggle when learning more advanced math skills, not to mention the problems they may have conducting day-to-day transactions such as buying goods at a store.

The charts and tables on this page can be used to help your children memorize and recall multiplication facts.

Click here or on the image below for the adjustable multiplication square chart.


The following individual multiplication tables are setup with numbers up to 10 and numbers up to 12. There are individual tables (e.g. 7 times table) and combination tables showing a range of numbers.

Multiplication Chart - To Scale

This multiplication chart (click on the image below too) includes a grid that is to scale with what the numbers and their products represent.

Multiplication Tables: Up To Ten (x 10/ 10 x)

The tables below provide practice and reference with multiplication facts up to 10 x 10.

Multiplication Tables: Up To Twelve (x 12/ 12 x)

The following tables help with practice and reference of multiplication facts up to 12 x 12.

Looking for Division Tables? You'll find them here.

Note: Try these fun and simple drag and drop multiplication games to help practice the times tables.

Multiplication Wheel

Try the basic facts wheel listed below. You can change the table being practiced as well as how the numbers are shown,

Using the tables and charts

Click on the printable multiplication table or chart you want and select the Print option to send them to your printer. These resources can be used as memory aids, for reference, or for drill type practice. Note the Show Answers checkbox that can be used to hide the answers allowing these documents to be used for exercise type activity.

Other Math Charts

You will find number grids, place value charts, and many other charts listed here.

Multiplication Tables/ Charts

The three multiplication charts below consist of tables with products up to 100 and up to 144. The numbers in each table can be hidden or displayed to allow the charts to be used as worksheets or as reference aids.

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