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AP World Comparative Essay Christianity and Islam Objective: Compare and Contrast the spreads of two of the following religions from their founding to 1500C.E From the start of mankind, religions have been started and flourished, whether it is polytheistic or monotheistic. Two certain world religions are Islam and Christianity. Both religions from their founding point to 1500 C.E differentiated and also had some related points to their spread. There the key events, the place of birth, and the very purpose of the religion. Islam and Christianity are two major religions that from their start point spread and influenced many. There were key events that led to the spread of both major religions. For Islam it was the birth of Muhammad in 600B.C which led to the formation of their religious texts of the Quran. Christianity was formed after the death of Jesus in 33 C.E. His death led to Christianity being a widespread religion. An event that influenced the spread of both religions was the crusades in which Christians fought back for Israel. That war led to

Collin Zeng September 21, 2009 Period 4A AP World History Comparative Essay Thesis Egyptian and Mesopotamian religions were both products of their environments. The environments caused Egypt and Mesopotamia to differ in regards to their view of the world with Egypt being more optimistic. However, both were polytheistic and practiced their religion in similar ways considering how they interacted with their deities. Paragraph One The rivers of the two civilizations impacted their views on life, making Egypt’s more optimistic and Mesopotamia’s more pessimistic. Unpredictable and violent floods ravaged communities in the Tigris-Euphrates Basin, causing food shortages and the need for artificial irrigation systems, which required labor to construct and maintain. In Egypt, the predictable and gradual Nile floods brought satisfaction to agricultural communities, surpluses of food, and leisure time. The leisure time allowed the Egyptians to develop a system of writing and accomplish the building of pyramids, both of which were tremendous advancements in technological skill. Class distinctions were also less pronounced in Egypt; even the peasants wore gold. People enjoyed a life of

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