Fashion Expository Essay Topics

Factors To Focus On When Writing Fashion Essay Papers

Fashion essay papers have been always considered as a social phenomenon, which reflect the spirit of an era. It is also known as a deeply intimate and private magical act. However, it is the individuality of the fashion designers, who will make fashion industry so attractive. Fashion essay papers also play an important role in the market for giving information on the latest trends and fashion. These essays are written by the teachers, authors, students and fashion experts from different parts of the fashion industry. Most of thee essays written by the experts will provide an insight into the fashion. However, before you start writing these essays, it is very important to know what it is and what it says all about. When you are planning to write a fashion essay, it is very important to make sure that you are talking about the advent of the fashion industry as well as its overall development over the years. You will also know what fashion is really about when writing fashion essay papers.

Given below are a number of fashion essay topics that are sure to help you achieve a decent grade!

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Fashion Essay Topics


The Influence of Fashion on Everyday Life

It would be an understatement to say that fashion influences just clothing; in fact, to be very precise fashion influences almost every aspect of our daily life. This essay throws light on how modern world is far more controlled by fashion and changing trends than many of us realize.


How do Economic Issues Shape Fashion Trends

More often than not, Fashion trends are a reflection of the political, social and economic changes and developments around us. This essay discusses in detail how economic factors such as recession and inflation impact the fashion industry and trends.


Fashion, culture and Identity

How does fashion impact our identity? Do clothes say much more than we realize? How can a dress or fashion trend communicate the intricate details of our personality and character? Is the desire to be fashionable and trendy universal, or is this desire limited to the upper strata of the society? This essay answers the above questions and many more...


Fashion as communication

Can fashion be leveraged to communicate an ideology or trait? If yes, then how? What does our fashion say about us? This essay discusses the above-mentioned questions in detail.


Fashion and its Social Agenda

There is a popular saying that clothes make the man, but is this saying applicable or relevant in the present world. Has the information conveyed by fashion and clothing changed because of the radical changes in the society. This essay tries to discuss facets such as class, gender and identity in clothing.

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Fashion and Modernity

This essay traces in detail the social and cultural history of fashion. Needless to mention, it also discusses why fashion and modernity are often used as interchangeable concepts.


Fashion as a Social Equalization Tool

Fashion changes incessantly and by doing so it acts as a social equalization tool. It differentiates one time from another, and one social stratum from another. While it unites those belonging to the same class, it secedes them from others. This essay discusses all this and also why it is the elite that often initiates fashion.


The Fashion System

This essay is basically a structural analysis of descriptions of women's clothing by reputable fashion writers. It intends to help readers with a brief history of semiology.


Is Fashion Predictable?

The cyclical changes in fashion are a proof of capricious consumerism. Sellers leverage individual and social psychology to manipulate the market. So, does the cyclical nature of Fashion make it predictable? This essay answers this and much more...


Barbie doll Fashion

Barbie dolls have a lot in common with the fashion of the medieval times, especially with children's fashion. Children in those times were dressed like adults, with lesser details though. Moreover, there were laws regarding dress and clothing which each class of the society could wear. This essay discusses the Barbie doll fashion in detail.


Fashion in the Western World

This essay discusses if Fashion is rightly considered as the forte of the western world, especially as the eastern world is slow to changes in clothing and dresses.


Fashion in the Eastern World

Fashion experts segregate the world into the Eastern and Western fashion regions. So, what is it that makes the fashion of the eastern world unique and distinct? This essay discusses the eastern world fashion in detail..


Fashion and Femininity

The definition of femininity is dynamic and changes with the developments in the society. This essay tries to explore the relationship between popular fashion and femininity, and how it changes with the change in times.


The Negative Effects of Fashion

The models in the fashion industry are often portrayed as perfect and individuals. This often impairs the self-esteem of the individuals who have less than ideal looks and body. Such individuals are overwhelmed and fashion impacts their life in a destructive way. This is an essay that discusses all the negative effects of fashion.


The Negative Effects of Fashion on Juvenile Minds

Teenagers and children are often overwhelmed and intimated by the radical changes in the fashion, and many of them are not able to cope well with the peer pressure to be fashionable at all times...


Fashion and Dance: Is There a Relationship?

Dancers might not have any direct influence from the fashion designers of their times, but no one can discount the fact that dancers often wear dresses that are officially designed by fashion designers, especially for stage shows. This essay discusses how fashion and dance are interrelated.


Fashion and the Image of the Ideal Woman

Have a look at any fashion magazine or fashion show, and you can observe that only ultra thin or emaciated models are portrayed as ideal women. However, there are few fashion magazines that have started to use women of normal physical stature as models. So why is it that fashion professionals mostly prefer thin models? This essay tries to answer...


Is Global Warming a Fashion Trend?

Nowadays, there is no dearth of television or print ads that use the theme of Global warming. Is the fashion industry trying to exploit this issue to meet their ends? Find the answer in this essay.

History of Fashion

Fashion is often defined as a clothing trend during a certain time or era. This essay explores how fashion has changed with the changing times.

Elizabethan Fashion

Elizabethan fashion is very distinct as it reflects the disposition and values of the 16th century. Elizabethan era is especially known for the originality and creativity in fashion and clothing of that era. This essay explores how the values and ideologies of the Elizabethan England influenced the Fashion of those times.

Crossover Fashion

This essay discusses how crossover fashion has become an acceptable part of many dynamic societies such as America. Crossover fashion has much do with the changing role of women in the society and this essay attempts to correlate the changing social status of women with Fashion.

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Know More About Fashion Thesis Paper Writing

According to some of the fashion thesis, wearing good clothes as well as accessories is considered to be fashion. However, there is also other fashion thesis that says that the fashion is influenced by the individual behavior, which will have an impact on the society. When you are writing or reading a fashion essay, the race and culture of the people located in different parts of the world decide what type of fashion they have to put on. It is also quite hard to predict, which way the fashion will turn. Therefore, when you are writing fashion essay papers, it is very important to consider some of the important factors and make sure that you are writing it in the best way. In case, if you are new and do not have any information on these essays, taking the assistance of a professional fashion essay writing service could be the best option for you.

Fashion trend and college essays

Fashion essay papers also provide different statements that fashion is considered to be an art form. The way the people look at it will different from one individual to another. Therefore, when you are getting ready to write the fashion essay papers, it is very important to make sure that you are considering the needs of all types of individuals and discussing the topic in the right way.

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Chances are you have already had an assignment which required a report on a given subject. That means you were writing an expository essay, a common type of writing style that many professors and teachers assign to their students. How to improve writing skills and get a better grade next time? This guide will help you out.


An expository essay is a writing style wherein an author exposes or informs readers about a series of events, idea, book, historical event, or some other subject. The main purpose of this essay is to explain a topic in a precise, straightforward, and logical manner. The expository essay requires a great deal of research in order to provide a deep insight into the topic. Unlike some other types of an essay, a writer doesn’t need to take sides and develop an argument. Writing style should be in the third person and unbiased.

Benefits of writing an expository essay

Every school assignment has its own unique purpose and an expository essay is not the exception. No, the purpose of this essay isn’t a lecturer’s desire to have you glued to the subject they teach, but to help you develop and improve some valuable skills. Below, you can see the most important benefits or skills you can gain with expository essays:

  • Research – expository essay is all about research. The more you do it, the better your skills are. You’ll need research skills throughout your life. Expository essay teaches you how and where to look things up for maximum results
  • Critical thinking – while the expository essay involves an unbiased approach to the subject, you still need your critical thinking skills in order to approach the subject from different angles
  • Reporting – the expository essay is like a huge report, but it is still necessary to be concise and present facts in a coherent and easy-to-follow manner. As your skills improve, you’ll be more efficient in the way you express yourself in other aspects of your life
  • Organizational skills – this type of paper revolves around the facts on a given subject, but they need to be represented in an organized manner. You can’t write them randomly because the essay would be cluttered and difficult to follow. Therefore, you need to organize your paper. Since practice makes perfect, you’ll notice soon that your organizational skills developed significantly

Areas of interest

Like many other essay types, the expository essay is versatile. You can write about anything you’d like, including:

  • Education
  • Family
  • Health
  • History
  • Law
  • Literature
  • Movies
  • Music
  • Personal relationships
  • Politics
  • Religion
  • Science
  • Social media
  • Taboo
  • Wars

Expository essay outline

The outline is like a blueprint; its function is to act as a guide that you can use to build a house, or in this case an essay. Without the outline the risk of straying off the subject increases. It’s needless to mention you get confused due to a multitude of ideas that you don’t know where to place. Let’s take a look at the outline you should follow when writing an expository essay:

  • Introduction – your opportunity to make a positive first impression. It should consist of the:
    • Hook – the first sentence of the essay; it can include quote, statistics, anecdote, or anything else you find catchy
    • Background info and context – a brief info about the topic itself
    • Thesis statement – specifies the exact topic you’re going to write about, things you will analyze
  • Body paragraphs - the central part of the essay. The number of paragraphs isn’t specified, you can write as many as you need to thoroughly analyze the subject. In most cases, 3-5 paragraphs are enough. They should be written in the following manner:
    • Topic 1 – fact 1 + evidence, fact 2 + evidence etc. – basically, each paragraph starts with a topic sentence that announces what aspect of the subject you’re going to discuss. Within the paragraph, you mention the facts you discovered while researching supported by evidence
    • Topic 2 – fact 1 + evidence, fact 2 + evidence etc.
    • Topic 3 – fact 1 + evidence, fact 2 + evidence etc.
  • Conclusion – summary of the thesis, facts, and evidence. It also discusses the importance of the subject, raises more questions that make a reader think, and finishes with call-to-action

Writing tips

An expository essay is similar to working as an investigative journalist on some super important assignment. Your job is to investigate a topic thoroughly and report facts, regardless of your own opinion about them. In order to write a top-quality expository essay, follow these tips:

  • Research topic thoroughly and try to learn more even though you may already be familiar with it
  • Use evidence to support every claim or fact you include
  • Use only reputable sources for evidence e.g. studies, official figures and announcements, journals, and other similar sources
  • Avoid fabricating information just because you want to emphasize something
  • Avoid showing how you feel about the topic
  • Organize facts in a manner that will be easier to follow e.g. chronologically, based on priority etc.
  • Use concise and clear language
  • Prioritize quality over quantity; it’s not about how many facts you introduce, but how strong they are
  • If the essay describes a process or activity, second person writing can be used too
  • Vary sentence length throughout the paper to add more rhythm
  • Avoid vague expressions, be precise


  • How and why technology affects interpersonal relationships
  • Describe positive and negative impact of video games on children and teenagers
  • Impulsive shopping: why do we do it
  • How obesity affects productivity levels of individuals at work
  • The role of curse words in day to day lives of people
  • What are the positive and negative effects of materialism
  • How will the new US tax law affect American society
  • Health benefits of the CBD oil
  • Is Donald Trump’s presidency going to affect the racist sentiments of America?
  • Do aliens really exist?
  • Benefits and drawbacks of curfew
  • How diet fads affect our overall health
  • Why do women stay in abusive relationships?
  • How deep is gender inequality
  • How does 3D printing affect fashion, medicine, and science

Essay help

There is no need to get frustrated due to a lack of inspiration or proper guidance when you can get essay help. Below, you can see different ways to simplify expository essay writing process.

Essay topic generator

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Essay examples

Edusson Magic Help features a massive database of essay examples that you can use whenever you want. Simply browse for expository essays, find the ones you’d like to read and you can even save them into a library with a subscription plan. Reading these essays can be a great way to get inspired and understand what you should or shouldn’t do while working on this type of paper

Essay checker

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