Animal Abuse Research Paper Thesis Statements

Best Answer:  A good thesis statement needs to not only say what your topic is, but what is significant or important about it. Your current thesis statement states that their are mutiple forms of animal cruelty, but doesn't say what is significant about them or why it matters.

You might format your paper in the following manner:

Page 1: Introduction and thesis statement
Suggestion for intro and thesis:
Some people think that animal cruelty consists mainly of people actively being unkind to animals. There are in fact, there are many forms of animal cruelty, not all of which are widely known, including some animal breeding operations, inhuman factory farm animal practices, animal experimentation, animal hoarding, animal neglect, and use of animals for some entertainment and sport. While some laws and organizations exist to help prevent animal cruelty, lack of awareness surrounding animal cruelty issues has allowed many forms of animal cruelty to continue unchecked.

Pages 1-3: What are some of the forms of animal cruelty?
Start with some of theb etter known ones, such as puppy mills and factory farms (keeping chickens and cows for example cooped up all day) and move onto lesser known ones such as animal hoarding (where people keep more animals than they can care for at one time), equine cruelty (rodeos, using pregnant mares for menopause drugs, sending race horses to slaughter houses when no longer used for racing), blood sports (dog fighting, cock fighting), etc.
Pages 3-5 What organizations/laws currently exist to help raise awareness and reduce animal cruelty? What is currently being done?
The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA)
Page 6: What else needs to be done?
Better definitions and laws for animal cruelty, more awareness which should lead to more people caring about the issue, and a change in people's personal habits (example: if there were enough people who refused to eat chickens grown on factory farms, these farmers would go out of business)
Conclusion: Why is it important to reduce animal cruelty?
Your coclusion might say something about how animals do not have a voice with which to protest animal cruelty, and thus depend on people to raise awareness. It might also talk about connections people have to animals and why those connections are important.

Two websites you might find useful:


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