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The Scariest Day Of My Life

by Shelby

One night when I was 14 I had the scariest experience of my life. I had just finished up a fun movie night with my friend and it was time for me to head home. My house was only 4 blocks away so I walked home by myself that night. We had different locks on my front and back door so I had to walk around into my backyard as I only had the key for that door. My parents always left the light on for me so the yard was well lit for when I came home every night.

As I got into the back yard I close the gate behind me and all the sudden I heard snickering. I had no idea where it was coming from so I stood there for a minute and just listened. I heard it again and realized that it wasn't coming from the yard, it was coming from above me!

I walked out into the yard a bit and turned and looked up at the top of my roof. It was a gargoyle! We did not have gargoyles on my house so I was confused and stood there for a bit staring at it. After about 20 seconds his eyes stared to light up and they were red. It started snickering and laughing at me, started yelling my name pointing at me yelling. "Shelby, Shelby! I see you, hahahahaha!" I was so scared I couldn't even move! Typing this right now is making me tear up and shiver!

All the sudden it turned around and climbed to the top of my roof and jumped onto my neighbour's house then onto the next house and the next. I ran inside balling my eyes out and couldn't sleep for months!

Till this day I still cant sleep sometimes at night because I think about it ... How did it know my name? What did it want? How did it know where I lived? Where did it go and was it coming back? I have experienced MANY paranormal activities but nothing compares to how scary that night was. Want did it want with me?

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A Dangerous Experience
Everyone knows how we can take suffer the consequences if we trust a person that we don’t know well. Our life might be changed in the same way as our habits. I used to ride a motorcycle and always used to drive carefully. I had never realized I could have a motorcycle accident that gave me a strong lesson on the rest of my life. Learning something new can be really a scary experience.

It happened long time ago on a summer, gray and rainy evening in Poland. It was vacation time, and like usually I decided to go to a disco club by a motorcycle in order to meet my friends. On that day, I was appointed only with my well-known friends. To my astonishment, I noticed a new face that I had never seen before. After a short conversation, as it turned out, Joanna was a little bit quiet and peaceful in spite of that she didn’t have any problems with making acquaintance with the other people. My surprise was displayed when Joanna was asked me about going for a ride my bicycle. I considered her question very carefully with luck of trust in her ability to ride a motorcycle. I put a precondition and said, “Ok, but only if you know how to ride precisely that motorcycle, and if you have ridden before”. With sincere smile on her face she said, “Yes”. I decided to entrust the motorcycle her. However, I sat on the back. To bring my trust, she had promised me to ride slowly.

First, our ride was seemed to be safe and not given any basis to danger.
The weather condition was not favorable because of drizzle and wet surface of the route. In addition, the day before, that section of a street was under construction. The surface of road, in places, was covered by mud. All of a sudden, to my surprise, Joanna begun driving faster and faster like a plane prepared for taking off. I was terribly surprised of her behavior. My hands were squeezing the hoop of the motorcycle. In addition, my body begun to stiffen, I wanted to do something but I couldn’t. I was trying to use my whole knowledge about riding motorcycles in a few seconds, but I felt like frighten birth in a cage. When my eyes were closed, I didn’t want to allow for a possibility of happening of something unexpected. The time stopped in the same place. When we reached high speed, and approached a sharp band, I stuttered out only two words, “Slow down!”

Then my expectations came up.

It was very incredible feeling. I don’t know how I did it, but we inclined on that sharp bend on the right side, and of course, we had an accident. I felt like we tilted very softly. It lasted only a few seconds. As a result, we slid about 300 feet with the motorcycle, which weighed about 500 pounds, still on the right side. My mind and body stopped working. I lost consciousness. When I woke up, I saw myself all bloody. My right side of body was numb. I didn’t feel my right hand and right leg. In addition, in what way, my elbow grew numb and hurt. Joanna was under the motorcycle, and she lay unconsciously. After two minutes, she woke up, looked at me and lowered the head. She admitted, she had never ridden a motorcycle at all. She had only a broken leg and bloody face. The motorcycle was lying on the edge of the road. The right side of it was totally damaged. Plastic parts of the motorcycle were scattered within a radius of 400 feet from the place where we finally stopped. For a moment, I couldn’t believe in that what happen. I was so surprised and frightened that I couldn’t say anything. For some period of time my minds were not on this world. There was nobody on the street that I could face round about help. Because we needed to be bandaged, I decided to call my father from my cell phone. He came in order to drive us to a hospital as soon as it was possible. It was the last time when I saw Joanna.

Finally, I fixed my motorcycle, and sold it. I only lent one thing to another person once, and that caused a dangerous accident. Furthermore, I used to use a motorcycle. Now, I don’t use it any more. I have learned one thing; never believe a person whom I have known for a couple minutes. For all of our lives, we still learn new things, and we do until for last moment of our life.

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