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So, hey everyone!

It's been a while since you last heard of us. I know most of you gave up on this ever seeing the light of day, and you were right to do so! There have been attempts in the past to revive this project, but nothing ever came of those. Life happened, and we moved on.

What is in this pack? Well, while it doesn't have any of the new planned features, it is pretty much a complete pack. We hope that you enjoy what's in this and that maybe somebody someday will pick up where we left off.

Anyway, before I post the link to the BS:R files, I want to thank everyone involved in this project, for the amazing content they made, and the fun times we had procrastinating, and a very special thanks to DiamonD for bringing all of it together, doing most of the work, and orchestrating everything.

Thanks guys, you guys p cool

Blue Shift Reassignment

In the above link there are present all the files associated with the old Blue Shift project we've been working on 8 years ago. Included are model compiles, sounds, sprites, code, as well as a checklist for things that needed to be done.

Keep in mind some first-person view model compiles use a multitude of models to be constructed, and in consequence have problems with credits. Please do not release them publicly unless you know exactly what they are made from (the shotgun is an example of my terrible work). Feel free to use any other assets for your projects.

Thank you everyone, for following, and asking if we were still alive over the years!

See you laters!

Blue Shift: Reassignment Media Release

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This is Blue Shift: Reassignment, a modification with goals to improve and enhance the gaming experience of the Half-Life expansion, Blue Shift.

Transmission 15593

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This week William and Emanuel are joined by Guest host Phillip Marlowe and later on by Robert “campaignjunkie” Yang of Radiator. Phillip has an announcement...

Blue Shift Coop v2.0 Beta is now available for download at the 'Download' section. I said somewhere at the [HLCoop] forum that it would be released before the year 2010, so I hope you don't track me down and kill me for being a liar :-)

This is only a beta version, so if you encounter any bugs or problems, please report it to me at and I will fix it in the stable version if I'm able to.

Blue Shift Coop v2.0 supports max 6 players. If you and your teammates wants to be unable to hurt each other, be in the same team. You do this by having the same models as your teammates.

V2.0 Progress

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Blue Shift Coop v2.0 haven't been in work for about 2 mounths. However, I wanted to post some news about the reason why I haven't worked and what's done...

Blue Shift Coop v2.0

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After the success of Opposing Force Coop v2.0, I've decided to make a new version of Blue Shift Coop since v1.0 is almost unplayable.

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