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The Beethoven Gateway project is sponsored in part by a grant from the Farrington Historical Foundation, the American Beethoven Society, and through the digital sponsorship program.

The Beethoven Gateway is system of online databases developed by the Ira F. Brilliant Center for Beethoven Studies designed to help in the discovery of resources on the composer Ludwig van Beethoven. It currently includes 5 components:

Images: Beethoven Digital Collections

Status: Available; will be migrating to a new platform in 2018 after which content will be enhanced

A database of digitized materials from the Center’s collections, including rare scores (first and early editions), portraits, engravings, and maps. Users of this database can browse or search for images, resize them for closer viewing, download, and print images, free of charge.

Current Digital Collections

Please support this project through the digital sponsorship program. By sponsoring an art work, manuscript, or edition, you can provide permanent online access to the Beethoven Center’s treasures.
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List of donors for 2016-2017

Beethoven Center catalog

Status: complete; data revisions and additions ongoing

Beginning in July 2017, the entire online catalog of materials at the Beethoven Center was integrated into the OneSearch catalog at for the San Jose State University Library. This catalog is part of the Unified Library Management System (ULMS), a project mandated for all California State University libraries by the Chancellor’s Office that links all CSU libraries.

Although the separate database devoted to the Beethoven Center’s collection is no longer available, search results in the OneSearch catalog can be limited to the Beethoven Center’s holdings. All of the indexing terms created for the Beethoven catalog are still retrievable using keyword searches. A guide for searching for Beethoven Center materials in OneSearch is forthcoming.

Beethoven Bibliography Database

Status: forthcoming fall 2017

The Beethoven Center is committed to maintaining a separate database that functions as an in-depth index of literature on Beethoven. One of the issues with the old Beethoven Gateway, which combined the Center’s catalog with the bibliography, was that by necessity it included non-Beethoven research or practical materials (e.g. general histories and language dictionaries). By separating our bibliography of articles and books on Beethoven from the general catalog, we can continue to direct Beethoven researchers to the most relevant secondary literature on the composer.

The new Beethoven Bibliography Database will have a fresh but leaner look. Although it will no longer include catalog entries for the Center’s scores, recordings, or art works, we intend to enhance the bibliography by adding links to full-text materials in online open access databases. Once this database is deployed, we will provide more details on its contents and search functions.

Beethoven Thesaurus

Status: available

The Beethoven Thesaurus is a list of approximately 9,000 subject and category (formerly known as genre) terms used for searching in the Beethoven Gateway. The online thesaurus provides an alphabetical list that can be browsed or searched by keywords. The Thesaurus is particularly useful for identifying work numbers ("Opus 67" for the Fifth Symphony, for example) and manuscript sources. Terms are organized in hierarchies that can also lead researchers to related terms. Each listing might also include information on how indexers applied the term to a particular subject area.

Beethoven Auction Database

Status: available

Beethoven manuscripts, first editions, and other rare and unique items associated with Beethoven frequently appear for sale at auction. This database tracks offerings from major auction houses, and sales of important Beethoven materials offered in smaller auctions. Compiled by the Beethoven Center's Curator, Patricia Stroh, the database includes the indexes of Beethoven manuscripts, first and early editions, and other materials sold at auction from 1985 to the present. These updates are posted twice per year.


Donors to the 2016-2017 campaigns:

American Beethoven Society, Julie Ann Amsden, Charlene Archibeque, Tom Bailey, Roger, Ballou, Harry Bernstein, Allen Bishop, Mark Evan Bonds, Robert Brilliant, Kevin Brown, Cambrian Symphony, Doris Davis, Paul Ellison, Farrington Historical Foundation, Eugene Fisler, Dan Flaxman, Carlos Frias, Fernando Gomollón Garcia, James Green, Ruth M. Gordon, Robert Hartwell, Paul Hertenlendy, Robert and Kathleen Hofmann, Gavin Holt, Jann Holwick, Victoria Korkoras, Ted Lorraine, Lola Mayes, Judith Meserve, MTAC/Palo Alto Brachn, Karin Nagy, Carlos Frias Nogales, Mary Pyrzynski, John J. Rinkardt, Robert Rountree, K. Sah, Marilyn Sefchovich, Richard Sogg, Katherine Stathis, Jan Telesky, Quan Truong, Ted Walden, Mary Ann Whitehurst.

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Beethoven research and documentation

Deutsche Digitale Bibliothek
Beethoven in the german national gateway

Beethoven at Europeana
Collective gateway of European libraries, archives, museums

Tempo Measurements in Piano Sonatas by Ludwig van Beethoven
Staatliches Institut für Musikforschung
Preussischer Kulturbesitz

Beethovens Werkstatt
Genetische Textkritik und Digitale Edition

Henle Blog
Written by experts on current and much debated questions

BU Center for Beethoven Research
College of Fine Arts at Boston University

The Ira F. Brilliant Center for Beethoven Studies

Beethoven bibliography database

First and early editions by Beethoven
Catalogue of first and early editions by Beethoven at the Music Library of Kunitachi College, Tokyo, ed. by Yumiko Hasegawa

Beethoven at auction
Database by Beethoven Center, San José, California, on Beethoven manuscripts and first editions at auction since 1985

Beethoven genealogy
Family research by Theo Molberg

Beethoven pictures
Find some Beethoven pictures at the Meiningen Max-Reger-Archiv

Beethoven catalogues of works

The unheard Beethoven
Catalogue of unfinished works and fragments of Beethovens as well as reconstructions incl. MIDI files

MIDI files of works by Beethoven

Beethoven Lieder texts
Beethoven at "The Lied and Art Song Text Page" with several translations of the original texts

Life and work, link lists, chats, for fans

Beethoven's life, music and time
Beethoven site with articles by Ingrid Schwaegermann

All 9 of Beethoven's symphonies
The first movements of all 9 of Beethoven's symphonies played at the same time

Films about Beethoven
Site by Dominique Prevot

Beethoven and the organ
Web site by Weldon Whipple

English Beethoven site
Beethoven's work on YouTube

Beethoven postcards
Photostream from Bjorn Witlox on Flickr

Beethoven in Bonn
Beethoven site of the city of Bonn

Beethoven course of lectures
Beethoven at the Musik-Kolleg des Österreichischen Kulturinformationssystems
Search term Beethoven at the knowledge and information portal by Bertelsmann

Italian Beethoven site
By Armando Orlandi with catalogues of works, forum, bibliography

Chronological catalogue of works
List of all works, fragments, and sketches concerning unfinished works of Beethoven based on Biamonti

French Beethoven site
Eclectic Beethoven site by Dominique Prevot, also in Spanish, Italian, English

Dutch Beethoven site
By the Dutch Beethoven Society of The Hague

Beethoven depot
Beethoven site by Po-Han Lin

Beethoven festivals

Festspielhaus-Freunde Bonn
Informations about the anniversary year 2020

Beethoven Orchestra
Bonn's symphony orchestra

Beethoven Easter Festival Warsaw

Beethoven Competition Bonn for Piano

International Beethoven Festival Bonn
Annually in September and October

Musicological link lists

Düsseldorf virtual library of musicology
by the Universitäts- und Landesbibliothek Düsseldorf

Musicological sources of information on the internet
by the Universitätsbibliothek Freiburg

WWW sites of interest to musicologists
by the American Musicological Society

Datenbases about musical life
by the Deutsches Musikinformationszentrum

Classical composers database
by Jos Smeets

Culture and tourism

Schumannhaus Bonn
Robert Schumann's last residence

CityMuseen Bonn
Museums situated in the centre of Bonn

AG Musikermuseen Deutschlands
Musicians' Museums Consortium

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