Case Study The Unmanageable Star Performer

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...The period of time including and following Operation Blue star is considered a dark time in India and black spot in Indian history. It is a time Indian would rather forget, yet still to this day debate about. Was Indihar Gandhi correct in instating operation Blue Star, inflicting damage to the Golden temple, and being responsible for the killing of anywhere from 492 (official reports) to 1500 (estimates run as high as) civilians, which lead to an additional 5,000 Sikh deaths following, due to anti-Sikh riots? Was Indihar Gandhi’s actions justified, and could her problems with the Sikhs have been solved in any other way? These are all question India still debates to this day. We will look at who exactly Indihar Gandhi is, what is operation blue star, why she invoked Operation Blue Star, how did her actions eventually lead to her assassination, India’s Sikh population afterwards, and how Indihar’s actions affected the Gandhi dynasty? On June 3, 1984 Indihar Gandhi gave the executive decision to invoke Operation Blue Star, a military attack on the golden temple in Amritsar, Punjab. The Golden Tempe is considered one of the most sacred and religious places in the world, in what Indihar Gandhi taught was a necessity following a chain of events. Sikhs, involved in the Khalistan movement wanted Punjab to be an independent state, and felt they were being oppressed. The Khalistan movement led under Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale used tactics to express their views and desires in a......

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...A CIO’s Challenge for STARS Air Ambulance The case study for STARS Air Ambulance presents an organization in the midst of a transition to a new CIO, Sharaz Khan. Khan entered STARS to discover a severe need for the business and IS infrastructure to be addressed. STARS had previously done much of its strategic planning without the inclusion of IT, which has led to many issues organizationally. Although there are many challenges ahead, Khan must assess and prioritize the problems while gaining support from the CEO and other management as a new member of the organization. It is clear from STARS operations that technology plays a major role in the success and effectiveness of being able to save lives in the cases of emergencies. The rapid delivery of information through the Emergency Link Centre (ELC) allows communication with doctors and hospitals. Assisted by the use of technology, STARS has been enabled to succeed in pursuing its mission of “providing a safe, rapid, highly specialized emergency medical transport system for the critically ill and injured”. Although the organization has not functioned effectively with its IS organization in the past, it has clearly valued the innovation IS brings. This value is demonstrated by the variety of IS projects in development by multiple departments, such as the $500,000 new computer-assisted dispatch system. Projects such as this have potential to innovate and create efficiencies which can provide value to operations. The...

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...Case Analysis: Recruitment of a Star PROBLEM STATEMENT To recruit a suitable replacement for RSH’s star analyst Peter Thompson PESTC Analysis Political – Nil Economic:- * Increased shuffling of jobs. Social:- * The environment required rigid competencies, high stamina, great communication skills, and frequent client interaction. * The industry average retirement age was approximately 45 to 50. Technological:- * Intensive use of technologies in research. * Due to high competition, staying updated with latest technology provided the edge for firms against its competitors. * Many analysts were expected to provide prompt response to clients’ needs and come up with latest financial instruments benefitting both company and clients. SWOT of RSH: Strengths:- 1. Work culture- Many analyst and industry experts believed that RSH work culture was one of the main competitive advantages. This is so as the company gave space to its analysts to work and allowed and encouraged team work. This ensured the employees felt secured about their job thereby addressing the employees need for safety and social needs. 2. Working in team helped to co-ordinate and achieve more. The employees felt that being part of a team served them well. The company hence satisfied their need for affiliation. 3. The interpersonal relations among employees were good and ensured harmony among them. 4. With seniors helping juniors learn about the......

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...Case study: Investment Analysis and Lockheed Tri Star MGMTS-2700 Professor Hamza Abdurezak Harvard University Yang Zhon 1> A. Payback, NPV, IRR, Should purchase or not? Payback: $35,000/5000=7 year NPV: =Co+ C1…..n/(1+i)^1….n Co=-3,5000 CF1-CF15= 5,000; I= 12 Computing result is $-945.67 IRR: 11.49% NPV is negative and IRR is lower 12% so reject the proposal. B. NPV: =Co+ C1…..n/(1+i)^1….n NPV= -35000+(4500/.12) =2500 NPV is positive so should purchase the machine. C. NPV: =Co+ C1…..n/(1+i)^1….n = -35,000(4000/(0.12-0.04)) =-35,000+50,000 =15,000 NPV is positive so rainbow should reinvest the cost saving into the machine annually. 2. Cash Flow: Investment Y1 Y2 Y3 IRR NPV@15% 1. -75k44k44k44k34.63% 25,461.91 2. -50k23k23k23k18.01% 2,514.18 3. -125k70k70k 70k 31.21%34,825.76 4. - 1k12k13k14k1207.06%28,469.88 5. -125k67k67k 67k28.10% 27,976.08 1,Using IRR I recommend the (4) 2, Using NPV I recommend the proposal (3) 3,NPV is better! The NPV method is better because it shows the most cash flow as the highest. Because the discount rate is 15%, it is building a new both is prioritized higher. 4. 1, NPV=PV-Investment =210k-110k=100k 2. Assuming issue N shares when price is P. N*P=110,000(1) P=1,210,000/(10,000+N) (2) Then computing the result So N=1000 P=$110 3, Stock price rises up $10 Stock holder make the profit. Out cash flow in cash flownet cash......

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...After reading The Unmanageable Star Performer, it is clear that there is unresolved conflict between the members of Leman Highlander & Company. Some of this stems from the organizational structure. While they have surveys that employees fill out to report and discontent or issues, there is no system of accountability to implement any changes to improve the lives of their staff. Anyone who disagrees with Vijay Kumar doesn’t voice their opinions or just leaves the company. By ignoring the issue of Vijay, they have created a dictatorship where one person controls all major decisions with little respect or tolerance of any outside opinions. Another component of the conflict arises from incompatible goals between Vijay and the rest of upper management. They are impressed with the figures of the Mumbai branch’s growth, but they also care about the well-being of their employees, whereas it is obvious Vijay only cares about the former. This misalignment of goals for the organization lead to the “ends justify the means” approach the Vijay is using with an iron grip. Because he cannot see past the shortcomings of his performance driven goals for the firm, they have begun to taint the name of the founder Leman. A third facet to the conflict lies in the fact that they need to develop better ways to communicate between branches. It is obvious that the employees are reporting that they are far from being happy in the workplace, yet everyone is reluctant to communicate with Vijay, even......

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...The mission of “providing a safe, rapid, highly specialized emergency medical transport system for the critically ill and injured” and the goals of “providing best pre-hospital care along with transportation of critical patients to hospitals within one hour” make information systems highly imperative for STARS’ diurnal operations. STARS’ information systems include the communication system, which is also known as Emergency Link Centre (ELC) that links its operators, STARS air medical crew (AMC) and emergency doctors of hospitals. Emergency service providers such as the 911 call STARS ELC for any emergency medical situations. ELC then constantly communicates this situation to STARS AMC and respective hospitals until patients are safely transported to destination hospitals. STARS also uses information systems for finance and human resources administration as well as for reporting and scheduling activities in its various departments such as Aviation, MedOps, and Engineering to gain competitive advantage. Critical challenges faced by the new CIO and suggestions for handling them The three most critical challenges faced by the new CIO are lack of prioritization of critical IT projects, lack of IT governance and lack of control on IS budget not only due to “distributed” IS but also due to inconsistent system development practices and disintegrated IT infrastructure. The new CIO should handle these three challenges by first creating IS mission and vision statements followed by a......

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...Promoting Performers Instead of Leaders Anonymous Leadership and Organizational Behavior INTRODUCTION State Street Bank and Trust is considered to be one of the leaders in today’s financial industry. In fact, State Street is among the world’s largest global investment firms for institutional investors and high net-worth individuals. The company serves as a bank and trust for asset management, responsible for managing, servicing, researching, and trading for over eighty percent of the top one hundred investment managers. When the United States economy hit an all-time low in 2009, the company’s response was cutting all positions by $10,000 dollars. While our country remains in a recession like state, the organization has continued to cut all positions salary levels; resulting in high turnover rates and a lack in recruiting high quality candidates. High turnover rates and the “promote within” company cultural belief has left most departments with inexperienced or inadequate upper management. State Street has also cut ninety percent of their IT department in an effort to reduce expenses; leading to employee frustration and decreased productivity. Several employees are getting terminated due to their lack of motivation and productivity; others take promotions elsewhere and search for healthier company cultures. Recently State Street has undergone thirty percent turnover at the manager level within three months. The turnover experienced at State Street was directly...

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Harvard Business Publishing (2013)
in "Harvard Business Review"
This HBR Case Study includes both the case and the commentary. For teaching purposes, this Reprint is also available in two other versions: case study-only and commentary-only,. Stefan Konrad is the head of South Asia and Middle East business for the consultancy Leman Highlander, headquartered in New York. He's concerned about employee turnover in the Mumbai office, where the firm's star performer, Vijay Kumar, is doing a great job of attracting clients but also of alienating employees. Two years earlier, on one of Stefan's regular visits to Mumbai, he asked Vijay about some consultants who had abruptly quit. Vijay's response was to storm out of the office and send a letter of resignation to the firm's managing partner - who talked him down and instructed Stefan to keep Vijay happy in the future. But the problems are continuing, and on this latest visit, Stefan gets an earful from some of Vijay's colleagues. He must decide whether and how to raise the issue over dinner that night. Ishan Raina, the CEO of India's OOH Media, and Eric Olson, the global managing partner of leadership consulting at Heidrick & Struggles, offer commentary.
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