Unit 7 Homework Strategies

Unit 7 ReportIn this unit, you completed some of the important work that will inform GO! Cereals price at launch. This completes the final P of the Marketing Mix section in the Marketing Plan.Pricing Objective GO! Bars corporate strategy and positioning statement have consistently highlighted that GO! Bars’ competitive advantage is based on the value of its’ product. This value which transcends the physical artifact of the snack foods and includes things like how good it feels to buy environmentally friendly snack food and the pride that comes with picking the nutritious option.Overarching Pricing Strategy: You Selected:Minimize price to go for market share (sales-oriented)Correct Answer:Go for a premium price based on product differentiation (profit-oriented)Profit-oriented objective: You Selected:Target return on investment (ROI)Correct Answer:Targeted return on investment (ROI)Fixed and Variable Costs: You Selected:Fixed Costs:Building lease payments $5,000/month or $60,000/yearEquipment depreciation $3,000/month or $36,000/year

In this lesson students continue their learning about gas laws through learning about Gay Lussac's Law and The Combined Gas Law.  Additionally they practice what they have already learned about Boyle's and Charles' Laws.

  • This lesson does not align with any specific NGSS Performance Expectation; however, it does align with the old California State Standards.  Additionally, I feel that understanding gas laws and the basics of earth's atmosphere are important for students to know and is a topic that is interesting and fun for students.
  • This lesson also aligns with the Next Generation Science and Engineering Practice 5: Using Mathematics and Computational Thinking. It does so because students are challenged to understand the mathematical relationship between variables (P, T, & V) and solve problems using Gay Lussac's, Combined, Charles' and Boyle's Laws.
  • This lesson aligns with the Next Generation Crosscutting Concept 3: Scale, Proportion, and Quantity.  It does so because students are challenged to think about gases, despite the fact that they cannot see them as well as understand how algebraic expressions can be used to understand the relationship between variables.

For this lesson there are no additional resources needed.

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