Assignment 1 Social Performance Of Organizations For Women

SOCIAL PERFORMANCE OF ORGANIZATIONS 2 in the planning, developing, and selling of consumer electronics, software, and personal computers. It is legendary known for iPhone Smartphone, Mac computers, iPad tablet computer and iPod music player (Reganold et al., 2001). A company’s organizational structure is one the most crucial elements that determines its success. Apple’s structure has seen a dramatic change since the death of its founder, Steve Jobs. Under Jobs reign, everything flowed through him, but now under the leadership of Tim Cook, the company has taken a collaborative approach in its structure. However, Apple’s organizational structure has maintained three significant characteristics. First is the spoke –and – wheel hierarchy. Under Tim’s management, this structure has created more collaboration among the company’s different parts such as software and hardware teams. This has strengthened the roles of the senior vice presidents, but Tim Cook remains at the center of the wheel. The other characteristic is the function- based grouping (Reganold et al., 2001). Here, each senior vice president controls a business function such as marketing, industrial design, and retail. This ensures that business needs are addressed in terms of functional areas in the top leadership. Lastly, there is the product- based grouping. This is the lower tier of the organizational structure at Apple Inc. There are many vice presidents below the senior vice presidents responsible for the products and outputs. This element enables Apple to address specific needs for products or components (Reganold et al., 2001).

Assignment 1: Social Performance of Organizations The United States based company Apple Incorporated has been established on a global scale through the production and distribution of computer-based software, cell phones, personal computers and other consumer electronic products. The company was founded by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne in April of 1976 and was originally based to develop and distribute personal computers. The organization became Apple Computer, Incorporated and 1977 and was then later renamed Apple incorporated in 2007. Apple continues to be an innovator in electronic products and focused its attention on consumer electronics and join the Dow Jones Industrial Average in March 2015. Apple is considered the second largest information technology organization by revenue after its competitor Samsung Electronics. What's in the ending quarter of 2014 Apple was considered the largest publicly traded Corporation on the globe. The company employs nearly a hundred thousand permanent full-time employees while it maintains close to 500 retail stores in 17 different countries. It also operates and maintains its online base Apple Store and iTunes Store, which is considered the United States largest musical retailer. In addition, the organization is valued over 700 billion dollars. Apple's nature with the business is to remain and continue being a technology innovator within consumer electronics, computers, tablets, and phones. The two key factors in an organization's external environment that can cause its success are external stakeholder satisfaction and maintaining corporate social responsibility. In addition to the advances of technology, Apple has become known on a global scale by becoming a business organization that embraces economics on a global scale. The method of maintaining satisfaction among external stakeholders are what Apple embraces. The company embraces corporate social responsibility Social responsibility of corporations are defined as organizations that have the ability to act in such a manner that increases society and its customers. These organizations is to be held 2

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