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For a bill to become a law it takes more than one step and more than one person deciding, it's not as easy as it seems. First, the legislation is introduced, and then you have the committee action, afterwards floor action, conference committee, the president, and then the bill becomes a law. Some bills will never make it through any of these processes but for those who really want their bill to pass, if they fight for it they just might get lucky. This paper will show you that it takes more than one person and is a long process. Through out this paper I will explain how a bill becomes a law so that you will have a better understanding of the process.

The whole process starts when a Representative has an idea for a new law, that person becomes the sponsor and introduces the bill by giving it to the clerk of the House or placing it in a box, called the Hopper. The bill is then assigned a legislative number by the clerk with H.R. for bills introduced in the house and S. for the Senate. The Government printing office then prints the bill to give copies to each representative.

The Bill is then assigned a committee by the Speaker of the House, so the bill can be studied. There are twenty-two standing committees, each with jurisdiction over bills in certain areas. The standing committee studies the bill and hears testimony from people interested in the bill. The committee may then release the bill with a recommendation to pass it, or revise the bill and release it, or lay it to the side so the House can not vote. If the bill is released it goes on a list of bills awaiting action. Here the House Rules Committee may call for the bill to be voted on quickly, limiting debate, or prohibiting amendments. The committee staff must prepare a written report explaining why they favor the bill and why they wish to see the amendment adopted. The undisputed bills may be passed by unanimous consent or by two-thirds vote if the members agree to suspend the rules.

The bill will then be placed on one of the House calendars. Some bill will never reach the floor, The Speaker of the House and The Majority leader will decide which bills will reach the floor and when. But the bill can also be brought to the floor if a large amount of the Senate chooses it to. Then there is the debate, The Committee of the Whole debates and amends the bill, but they can not pass it. They will decide how much time each person will get to debate the bill. The bill will then go back to the house to be voted on; there must be two hundred and eighteen members present to have a final vote. If for some reason there is not enough members the House will be adjourned


How A Bill Becomes A Law Essay

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The road a bill takes to becoming a law is a long and tedious process. First, the proposed bill goes through the House of representatives. Once the bill has been approved by the House, it is then begins its journey through the Senate. After the bill has been endorsed by the Senate, the houses of congress then meet in conference committees to prepare the bill to be sent to the White House. To summarize, the path the bill takes to become a law is a fairly complex impediment.

Now to begin, the bill must primarily go through the obstacles of the House. First, a sponsor introduces the bill by giving it to the clerk of the House or placing the bill in a box called the “hopper”. The clerk numbers and gives a title to the bill and is then…show more content…

Now that the bill has been passed through the House, it is ready to go through the proceedings of the Senate. First, the bill is again introduced but now by a senator who must be recognized by the presiding officer and announce the introduction of the bill. A bill that has passed either house of congress is sometimes called an act, but the term usually means legislation that has passed both houses and become a law. Secondly, the Vice President of the US, who is the presiding officer of the Senate, assigns the proposed law to a committee for further study ( the Senate has about 15 standing committees). The committees or one of its subcommittees studies the bill and may hold hearings. The committee may approve the bill as is, revise the bill, or table the bill. Now the bill goes to the Senate to await its turn on the Senate floor. Normally the bill is considered as introduced unless the bill is urgent in which case the leaders of the majority party might push it ahead. At this time the Senate considers the bill. Here senators can debate a bill indefinitely, unless voted otherwise. When there is no further discussion, the Senate votes. Most bills must have simple majority to pass. At this point of development, the process is especially exemplary because the bill in the Senate is now considered by debate to better illustrate its strengths and/or weaknesses. To summarize, the bill has now been passed by both houses of congress.

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