Lutron Homeworks Qs Programming Variables

I would like any inputs on the following subjects.

Question 1. Programming keypad LED State
I am trying to programming two conditional buttons that selects a scene on a press but will also be used as a raise and lower after a hold. So far I have Preset 1= Scene 1, Preset 2= Set Room loads to 100% or Set Room loads to 1% depending on if I am programming the Raise button or Lower button, Preset 3= Set "Button Hold" variable to True, Preset 4= Set "Button Hold" Variable to False.
PRESS: If "Button Hold" = False, then Select Preset 1, else Raise Preset 2
HOLD: Execute Preset 3 (Set "button Hold" variable True)
RELEASE: Stop/Halt Preset 2; Delay 5 sec, then execute Preset 4 (Set "Button Hold" variable False)
So the idea is if I am in scene 4 and press then button it will select scene 1, but if I hold this button it would then raise on each press and stop raising on release.
The part I would like to add is when I push and hold the button, I would like the LED for this button to start Flashing while I am using it as a raise, then turn back to normal after the 5 second delay is over and "button Hold" variable is set back to false. Anyone know how to do this in Homeworks Illumination or Homeworks QS?

Question 2. I think this is a bug in illumination but maybe I am wrong. Please help or clarify.
I have one button programmed to PRESS= Master Bedroom to Scene OFF. DOUBLE TAP = Set every other room EXCEPT Master bedroom to Scene OFF (Every room is added to the double-tap programming except Master Bedroom).
The Press programming works fine. The issue I am having is that when I double tap, the press programming is still being triggered. So if master bedroom lights are ON and I double Tap, it will turn the rest of the house off, but also still turn the Master bedroom OFF even though its not added in the Double Tap programming. I have also tried adding the Master bedroom as "Unaffected" in the double tap programming, but results are the same.

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