Beauty Pageants Should Be Banned Essay Scholarships

  • Beauty pageants should be banned

    Yes they should because beauty pageants make little girls feel good about themselves and it makes them think that they can do anything they want because when they win they feel like the queen so they get hot headed and it messes with their minds and the parents allow them to do whatever they want, and they become spoiled little brats and think they can get everything that they want.

  • Childhood Beauty Pageants Do have Issues but should not be banned.

    One of the largest issues that deals with Child hood beauty pageants is the problem of little children being forced to be dressed in sexualising costumes, that ruins their innocence and such. However i would like to point out that a childhood beauty pageant ranges til the age of 18 years old. A 18 year old girl is allowed to choose to do a beauty pageant and if she wishes to wear something revealing. By placing all the problems of childhood beauty pageants is seen in a brief window of a child's younger years.

    What will we achieve by banning the pageants other than a huge amount of protest and disapproval? Just because showing off may not be the best thing in the world why should we ban it? It is wrong to ban something because people look up to it and think they are not as good. Most people are intelligent enough to not do crazy things when they see someone prettier than them. These shows are for entertainment anyway. It is crazy to get rid of things because some people dislike them. People that don’t like the pageants shouldn’t watch them and shouldn’t ruin the fun for others. If people want to show off and get money for it, why shouldn’t they? In the professional pageants showing off is another form of advertising anyway. We shouldn’t ban something while we still encourage other things such as the tour de France, boxing and some legal drugs.

    Many people enjoy watching and participating in beauty pageants. Just because some people dislike them doesn’t mean we should eradicate all pageants of all types forever. In fact lots of people like them and that is why we have them. The competitors have fun hearing the audience applaud, dressing up, showing off and hearing that they are one of the prettiest, most talented or best dressed competitors. Most of the prizes for beauty pageants are scholarships or savings for the future by banning the pageants we are depriving the talented winners of a decent prize.

    Beauty pageants do not involve illegal activities, unlike sports. In some sports athletes use illegal drugs to help them perform better and win. We do not ban the Tour de France even when certain people use illegal stimulants. Eddy Merks, a famous cyclist, who was a winner of the tour de France had been caught using illegal drugs 5 times, in fact huge amounts of competitors have been found doping! Do I have to even have to mention Lance Armstrong? So why should we ban beauty pageants if we don’t ban things such as the tour de France? Why should it be illegal to dress up and compete to see who looks better? It is not illegal to have or use makeup, lipstick, eyelash thickener, and fake tans.

  • We must ban other things first!

    We haven't banned smoking which causes 443,000 deaths a year. We haven't banned Ice Hockey, American Football, Arrow Roulette and many others. SO WHY ARE YOU TELLING US TO BAN BEAUTY PAGEANTS FOR GOODNESS SAKE!?! I know they are horrible but we need to ban other things first. Believe me.

  • Why should we ban beauty pageants when there are more important matters?

    I personally am not a fan of beauty patents, but I am not against them. Why should we ban beauty pageants when we haven't banned smoking yet? If you smoke, you can die! Also, why ban this when there are things like boxing that can give you bad head injuries? Boxing isn't banned!

  • We must show good sportsmanship

    My sister always wins at her pageants because she knows how to show good sportsmanship for example: when we went to orange park mall near Jacksonville, FL everyone won and that is good and then at the end of the pageant my sister showed good sportsmanship by saying good job

  • Kids win scholarships

    Kids can win scholarships by doing beauty pageants. Some people might not be as smart as others, and might not have enough money to be sent to a school. I understand that pageants can cost a lot of money to prepare for, but they don’t have to. It’s as simple as getting together a nice dress from your wardrobe and practising your talent. You don’t need heaps of makeup and a spray tan, you don’t need a talent and voice coach to help you prepare. You can do it all yourself. And imagine how happy and excited you would be if you won a scholarship to your dream school, one you’ve been wishing to go since you heard about it. You will go and get a good education, have fun, make heaps of friends. You will be much better off in life. And all because of a single beauty pageant! Beauty Pageants should not be banned!

  • Helps them get hotter

    It's like taking away a sport from little girls. It helps them prepare for possible job when they get older. Maybe they will be a model, this will help them prepare and practice for that. It also takes away from all the people that work to do these. More jobs getting taking away. Also they get hotter.

  • Beauty pageants should not be banned!!!

    Studies have shown that competing in a beauty pageant is a great way for young women to develop themselves, and their career for the future. Competing in a beauty pageant can also increase someone’s confidence. Many people look down on beauty pageants because it can be degrading for young women. But that is far from the truth. Many young women who compete in pageants do compete, to win scholarship money or to be a role model for other young ladies. It is a great way to display talents that young women have been holding in, waiting to show everyone. Most women lose confidence by judging the way they look. A beauty pageant can defeat that bad feeling that young women have towards themselves for the way they look.

  • Depends On The Child

    For a child, it's hard to be in a beauty pageant. It could cause them stress, pressure, breakdowns, pain, etc. But it also depends on the child, and the "state" their in. Like if they're healthy for the pageant, or they have the right characteristics to adapt to such an environment. Some children don't mind all the attention, or getting loudly ordered all the time. But others get hurt easily, and don't do well with too much pressure, or getting ordered around, and their hair being pulled, just to look pretty.
    The bad part to child beauty pageants, is that they can start to think that they're not good enough with pretty outfits or makeup. That characteristic can go with them to a higher age. Even to an adult. It can take down their self-esteem, and the good character inside them. Plus, it can teach them to take down other people, who don't look like a pretty little pageant girl.
    Good side, is that they can have fun, and get to show off what they know, and impress their guardians who got them started with the pageants. They can win little crowns and collectibles, and-once again-have some fun.

  • Why would we ban it?

    It wouldn't be constitutional to ban it. We get mad if anyone tells us how to raise our children, why do we think it is fine for us to tell other people how to raise their children? I don't think that it is any worse than sports are for children.

  • No. Just no.

    Toddler and tiaras is about pageants and crazy moms. Dance moms is about dance competitions and crazy moms. Both cases involve girls of all ages strutting around a stage with makeup. For dance its whatever the teacher puts you in, you wear. In pageants the parent choses what their kid wears. Yet you would ban beauty pageants and not dance competitions? Whats the difference??

  • Let vain people enjoy their vanity

    If you don't like beauty contests, I'm with you, but I don't think they should be banned or made illegal. It's people's choice. If someone wants to do it, let them try. Perhaps they will think differently afterward; perhaps not. In either case, it's their life and their choice. I wouldn't do it or watch it, but I wouldn't make it illegal for other people.

  • Why ban them?

    Even though I think beauty contests tend to bring out the selfish side of certain women, but it can also bring out the best in them. Beauty contests have been around for many, years, and alto of people tend to take them very seriously. I just don't see the point in banning them.

  • No, beauty contests should not be banned.

    It's likely not possible to completely ban beauty contests from being held, since there's nothing illegal about them. As a society, however, we could definitely change whether or not they're held, since advertisers will not sponsor them if they're not watched. People who don't agree with televised beauty contests simply should not watch them. If enough people avoided them, then they would eventually stop being broadcast, and perhaps even stop being held. But there's really no reasonable explanation to support banning them.

  • It should not be banned but increase the age limit for the kids pageants

    Beauty pageants are a platform for many young girls out there to showcase their talents and will become a spark for them to compete in the international stage .Thus making not only them proud but also their country .If their country actually wins it becomes self tourism publicity to the winning country showing the whole world that they create smart , beautiful and confident women who can showcase a whole country by themselves on the international stage

  • We have the right to be in them

    Beauty pageants are fun! Use Girls get to have are dreams of being a princess come true. It's not something that everyone can do, so why try and take that dream away from them? Most people don't get their dreams turned into a reality, but the ones who do, people shouldn't try and take that away from them.

  • Absolutely Not Right Now

    Children and parents have a choice of participating in child beauty pageants or contests. If we ban it, they won't have a choice at all. Most kids who do beauty pageants enjoy them and accept pageants as hobby's or jobs. Kids also learn valuable and important lessons in beauty pageants/contests like to always take pride in their appearances and losing isn't the end of the world. They can also win a lot of money or scholarships which can help during important stages like college and grad school.

  • I don’t think that beauty contests should ever be banned.

    I don’t think that beauty contests should ever be
    banned. Beauty contests and pageants
    make the world a much better place.
    There are many women that would have absolutely no purpose in life if
    they couldn’t enter beauty contests.
    Beauty contests can also make a lot of money for television stations and

  • No. I do not believe that beauty contests should be banned.

    No. I do not believe that beauty contests should be banned, because there is no reason to ban them. Beauty contest are a hobby. There is nothing wrong with people taking care of themselves , and competing with others. There are too many things in our society to be concerned with. Beauty pageants are not one.of Them.

  • No they can be fun

    Beauty contests do not need to be banned. If done correctly they can be fun and up lifting. I think if they are for kids and too competitive they should be banned. For adults though it is a personal choice and you can be healthy and in a beauty contest.

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